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North Texas Giving Day Special with Coach Kennedy

September 23rd is North Texas Giving Day. Tune in to hear the latest on Coach Kennedy’s case, directly from the man himself. And be sure to donate early today!

Thursday, September 23, 12pm CST

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Your Rights as a Religious Employee

Sharon Gustafson, First Liberty Of Counsel & Former EEOC General Counsel joins us to discuss our latest case against Alaska Airlines currently pending at the EEOC. With her extensive knowledge, she’ll explain what rights religious employees have in the workplace.

Thursday, September 30, 12pm CST

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How We’re Stopping the Radical Supreme Court Coup

Kelly Shackelford joins to give an update on the Supreme Court Coup, from Justices speaking out against the it, to the letter we’re sending to the Court Commission. You won’t want to miss this update!

Thursday, October 7, 12pm CST

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