Oct 29, 2020
Be a Voice for Freedom

Be a Voice for Faith, Freedom & The Future of Our Country

Lift Up America is an uplifting celebration of America’s freedom, foundational values, the greatness of the Constitution and its protection of our cherished, God-given liberties.

This online event features a line-up of top-class, influential religious leaders and speakers gathered alongside people of faith from all over the country to unite in prayer, praise and worship for our nation during one of the most defining times in history.

Because 2020 has been a year of dire challenges brought on by a deadly pandemic and nationwide unrest, protests and chaos, Lift Up America is an opportunity to stand strong together through our common faith as well as to educate believers and non-believers on the importance of this upcoming election.

This event serves to equip people of faith with non-partisan information about core issues of the day, and motivate them to act by being a voice for their freedom and beliefs, not just in their community, but also in the voting booth.

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