Oct 14, 2020
Shields of Strength: Honor, Dignity, & Glory

As Kenneth Davis, a U.S. Air Force and Marine veteran puts it: “This tag is faith. This is believing that you’re going to live—and that even if you die, you’ll be holding hands with God for eternity. That’s what it means to me…and every veteran I know feels the same way.”

This is exactly why Shields of Strength founder, Kenny Vaughan, began sharing the tags with military members over two decades ago.

It would seem that a beloved source of encouragement and inspiration for thousands of military service members would be something everyone could agree on.

Sadly, that is not the case. The anti-faith activists in the Military Religious Freedom Foundation have decided to invent a problem where none exists.

Learn more about Shields of Strength at https://firstliberty.org/shields

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