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Today on First Liberty Live!, our dear friend Coach Joe Kennedy joins us to fill us in on how life after coaching is treating him. You’ll hear him share stories from his new book Average Joe.

From his time in the Marines through his journey to find the path that God created for him, Joe shares candidly about what he learned about faith along the way.

You won’t want to miss this timely update from the coach that took a stand for faith by taking a knee in prayer.


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This week, we are live from Bremerton, Washington with former First Liberty client Coach Joe Kennedy as he gears up for his first game back on the football field.

In the lead up to tonight’s game, Joe will talk about what it’s like to coach again, what he’s anticipating in this game and why he’s so excited to be able to freely express his faith by taking a knee in prayer at the 50-yard line after the game.

Don’t miss this pre-game interview with Coach Kennedy!

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Watch Coach Kennedy react to his Supreme Court victory! We are celebrating this huge win for religious liberty and unpacking what the SCOTUS opinion means for millions of teachers and coaches across the country.

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In just a few days, First Liberty will be at the Supreme Court for Coach Joe Kennedy’s monumental case.

As we prepare for oral argument, this week’s episode of First Liberty Live! looks back at his powerful story and gives you a special insider’s glimpse at what will take place next week at the most powerful court in the land.

In less than two weeks, we’ll be at the Supreme Court arguing on behalf of Coach Joe Kennedy. To get you ready for this important moment in history, we’re having a conversation with our volunteer counsel Paul Clement, one of the most experienced Supreme Court attorneys alive. He will be arguing Coach Kennedy’s case in front of the Court and you won’t want to miss his insights.

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Join First Liberty Live! on the road as we travel to Bremerton Washington. Hear exclusive stories from Coach Kennedy himself right where he grew up and how he’s feeling about finally going to the Supreme Court.

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Coach Joe is going on to the Supreme Court! After the Ninth Circuit once again denied Coach Kennedy’s case, we are confident that the Supreme Court will ultimately take his case and right this wrong. Hear from Supreme Court expert, Kelly Shackelford on the importance of this case and how we are perfectly poised to win at the Supreme Court.

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