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On Monday, the nation will take a day of rest to remember those who served and gave their lives for our country.

Today, we’re joined by Director of Military Affairs, Mike Berry, as he shares the importance of celebrating Memorial Day – including ways you can honor the fallen this year.

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With several major developments happening on the legal front of our Navy SEALs case, Mike Berry, Vice President and Director of Military Affairs, will join First Liberty Live! to discuss the new activity.

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Coach Kennedy’s case was granted for oral argument at the Supreme Court and we may finally get a victory for Coach and impact the future of religious liberty for decades to come.

General Counsel Mike Berry joins First Liberty Live! to break down this historic news. He discusses our next steps in the case, when oral argument could be held, and when we could finally hear a decision.

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The replica dog tags with a military logo and Scripture verse are worn by many thousands of service members. But now Kenny Vaughan has been forced to go to court in order to keep making them.

Kenny is founder and president of Shields of Strength. You’ll want to hear his story about overcoming his fears and how he began his company. He’ll share why he’s standing up to injustice and why he has chosen to live out his faith in such an extraordinary manner.

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A federal judge ruled in favor of our thirty-five (35) U.S. Navy SEAL clients granting them the first step to victory. Mike Berry, general counsel, joins the show to discuss what this victory means and what our next steps are to defend America’s heroes.

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Mike Berry, General Counsel, and Stuart Shepard are in Washington DC to discuss the military vaccine mandate and how we’re defending our Navy SEAL clients.

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The recent Department of Defense’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate is illegally forcing some of America’s most elite warriors to choose between their faith and serving their country – and that’s a choice our service members should never have to make. Mike Berry, General Counsel, joins First Liberty Live! in a special episode to explain what is happening to these Navy SEALs and how First Liberty is defending them.

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