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This week, Stuart Shepard gets a chance to talk to Mustafa Akyol, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, about why religious freedom is essential for everyone – no matter their faith background.

Mustafa will also tell his story of how he fled government overreach and tyranny in Turkey and how we see similar actions taking place today in America.

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Listen to Paul Clement, Kelly Shackelford and Coach Kennedy analyze the Supreme Court argument that happened on this historic day on April 25th.

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Mihail Neamtu, a survivor of communist Romania, now serves as a leading scholar and fellow for First Liberty’s new educational initiative, the Center for Religion Culture and Democracy. He joins the show to share his story of escaping tyranny and explain why protecting our liberties is so important.

Don’t miss hearing his inspiring story and the unique perspective he brings to these turbulent times.

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This week on First Liberty Live!, we sit down with NFL Champion Benjamin Watson as he shares insights on what it’s like to trust God through adversity, plus serve as a role model for living out your faith while in the NFL spotlight.

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Join us for an extra-special episode as we chat with distinguished Fox News host and bestselling author Shannon Bream about her new book, “The Women of the Bible Speak,” and what it’s like to be a woman of faith in the world of broadcast television in 2021 America.

Learn more about Shannon’s new book “The Women of the Bible Speak” and order your copy here.

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The deceptively-named “Equality” Act is actually an incredible affront to religious freedom, and has the potential to strip back our First Amendment rights to unparalleled levels. On this special “March to Madness” episode, FLI Counsel Keisha Russell breaks down the biggest problems with the Act and shares what you can do to help prevent it from passing.

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