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You’ve may have heard how a coach from small town Washington stood up and defended his right to pray at the highest court in the land. But have you heard him tell his full story?

Coach Joe Kennedy, recent Supreme Court winner, shares some personal details on his experience during his seven-year case on today’s special First Liberty Live! We wanted to bring you this interview as an early Christmas gift so you can hear his life story and get to better know the man who helped deliver the biggest religious freedom victory in decades.

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Babylon Bee, the Christian news satire website was banned from Twitter for almost eight months. Cancel culture and censorship are coming for people of faith and Seth Dillon, CEO of the Bee, joins First Liberty Live! to discuss this recent culture shift.

He’ll explain how the Babylon Bee was canceled and what people of faith can do in this new culture. Dillon will also discuss how First Liberty helped the Bee and how we must not be silent despite these new threats.

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First Liberty Live! is headed back to California to bring you a special look at the Freedom Revival in San Diego. We’ll get to talk to one of the founders of the movement, Shaun Frederickson, about his passion behind the revival and how he is working on the frontlines to restore faith in America.

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In 2019, First Liberty protected the Bladensburg Peace Cross with a landmark U.S. Supreme Court victory. The Cross has been standing for over 100 years and now the memorial has been restored and will be rededicated today on Veterans Day.

The First Liberty Live! team is onsite to bring you footage of the newly restored cross and a special message from Kelly Shackelford to The American Legion.

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First Liberty is excited to announce the launch of our latest project, Restoring Faith in America.

Thanks to our landmark victories at the Supreme Court, thousands of wrongful case decisions can be overruled – and with them come the opportunity to restore faith in communities across the country.

President and CEO, Kelly Shackelford joins us to introduce the project and what you can do to be a part of this effort.

Are you ready to help restore faith in America?  You won’t want to miss this episode!

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When Valerie Kloosterman was fired for standing up for her faith, First Liberty stepped in to file a lawsuit on her behalf against the University of Michigan Health.

Valerie joins today’s episode of First Liberty Live! to share her story. She’ll explain how she sought a religious accommodation from referring patients to certain medical procedures and how the ‘woke’ Michigan Health wouldn’t allow it.

This case will affect millions of religious Americans in the workplace. Don’t miss hearing Valerie’s story on Live!

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Since Roe v Wade was overturned this summer, faith-based crisis pregnancy centers have been under constant threat of destruction and vandalism.

Andrew Beckwith, a decades long fighter of freedom and President of the Massachusetts Family Institute, joins the show to discuss these attacks.

He’ll share about the impact these attacks have had and how we can work together to protect religious organizations across America.

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The fight for our military heroes isn’t over. Our Navy SEAL clients and many members of the Navy and Air Force continue to face unjust punishment and terrible living conditions just for living out their faith.

Attorney Danielle Runyan joins the show this week to give an update on our service members as they fight against the military vaccine mandate.

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Required vaccines? Critical Race Theory? Prayer in school? Religious students and teachers across America face many new challenges as they settle into the fall semester.

Thankfully, attorney Keisha Russell joins First Liberty Live! to discuss these challenges and unpack the rights that students and teachers have to live out their faith.

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Shaun Frederickson asked people if they thought the government should mandate vaccines for our Navy SEALs. Watch what they had to say. We think their answers might surprise you.

Earlier this week, we filed to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of Aaron and Melissa Klein. They are the former owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, who lost their bakery because of unconstitutional government hostility.

Today on First Liberty Live!, you can watch the Kleins as they share why they have fought for almost 10 years to regain their rights.

Plus, hear senior counsel Stephanie Taub explain why this case is critical to every person of faith in America.

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Founder of the Let Us Worship movement Sean Feucht has a brand new film releasing later this year. He’ll be on the show to talk about the tyranny he faced in California during the pandemic.

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