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In this episode of Live!, we’re joined by Holt Lunsford, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Holt Lunsford Commercial. He’ll share why it’s so important to express your faith as a business owner and how to do it well.

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With Memorial Day less than a week away, we wanted to take a few minutes to honor those who have bravely defended our county.

This weekend is a time to remember and pray for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation.

First Liberty attorney and US Air Force member Danielle Runyan will join us on First Liberty Live! to talk about the cases we are fighting right now for military service members.

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HaYovel is a Christian, faith-based ministry that supports Israeli grape farmers. The ministry has organized The Israel Summit, a pro-Israel conference.

Just days before the event, however, the Sonesta Nashville Airport hotel breached the contract and canceled the Summit.

Lead First Liberty attorney Hiram Sasser and HaYovel’s Luke Hilton join Live this afternoon at 3:30 pm for a question and answer session with host Stuart Shepard.

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In this episode we continue our Election 2024 series by asking Dr. Albert Mohler about how people of faith can participate with politics even beyond the polls. Dr. Mohler is the president of one of the largest seminary schools in the world, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also the host of two podcasts, an author, speaker and teacher.

In this episode he will explain the critical role that people of faith play in civic engagement. And that goes far beyond the election day on November 5th.

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First Liberty client LifeWise Academy is an education program available to public schools that teaches the Bible to students who might never be exposed to it otherwise–during school hours.

LifeWise is currently being attacked by both the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the leftist media. The notoriously anti-faith Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) recently sent a letter to 600 school districts in Ohio “warning” school officials about the mission of LifeWise Academy.

Listen to LifeWise Academy Founder and CEO Joel Penton explain how this program is making a positive impact in communities across the country and what First Liberty is doing to make sure that it’s protected from attacks.

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When 5th grade student Laura at Creekside Elementary requested permission to start an interfaith prayer club, the school’s principal denied her request.

Despite having approved and promoted other clubs like the Creekside Choir, Global Reading Challenge, Green Team, Safety Patrol and Pride Club, the principal told Laura that her only option for a prayer group was to pay for space like outside groups.

Hear from Laura first-hand and learn how this fight has impacted her faith as well as her vision for the prayer club that’s being denied.

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A new month…a new case.

Right now, city officials in San Luis AZ are abusing zoning codes to prevent the Gethsemani Baptist Church from feeding the hungry and caring for the most vulnerable.

First Liberty won’t tolerate this type of religious discrimination.

Learn more about this fight and our other exciting cases with this April update from our President and CEO Kelly Shackelford.

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How should we engage with modern culture?

Dr. Stephen Presley, a Senior Fellow at First Liberty’s Center for Religion, Culture & Democracy, gives a helpful perspective on approaching today’s culture shift in his new book, Cultural Sanctification: Engaging the World Like the Early Church.

On today’s episode of First Liberty Live!, you’ll hear from Dr. Presley about the importance of this perspective as we look back at the great religious leaders who were determined to impact the culture.

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Gunna Kristofersdottir was fired for her religious beliefs. Why? CVS has revoked all religious accommodations that allowed providers to give hormonal contraceptive drugs.

Gunna stood up for her faith and was fired for it.

On today’s episode of First Liberty Live!, you will get to hear Gunna’s story firsthand. Learn how she is bravely standing up for her rights and how she’s fighting back against this unlawful termination.

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Protecting religious liberty in schools for students and their families, teachers, and even board members continues to be a critical battleground for our nation.

Learn more about our exciting cases involving education with this March update from our President and CEO Kelly Shackelford.

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Professor Varkey faithfully taught Human Anatomy and Physiology for nearly two decades at St. Philips College.

Then, the college fired him. In his termination letter, the school said they received “numerous complaints” about his “offensive” and “unacceptable religious preaching” in the classroom.

But Dr. Varkey fought back against this wrongful termination and won! Now, he is going back in the fall to continue doing what he loves: teaching science.

In celebration of this major victory, Dr. Varkey joins First Liberty Live! to talk about this fight and why it was a critical win for truth and freedom.

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His Tabernacle Family Church, led by Pastor Micheal Spencer, just got a huge win in court for their first and second amendment rights.

They challenged a New York law that prohibited firearms at places of worship. The hypocrisy of this law was that it allowed most secular establishments, like Home Depot or a local diner, to decide for if patrons can defend themselves. But houses of worship couldn’t.

Pastor Micheal discusses how he not only protected his flock but defended American freedoms by standing strong against New York’s unconstitutional law.

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