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His Tabernacle Family Church, led by Pastor Micheal Spencer, just got a huge win in court for their first and second amendment rights.

They challenged a New York law that prohibited firearms at places of worship. The hypocrisy of this law was that it allowed most secular establishments, like Home Depot or a local diner, to decide for if patrons can defend themselves. But houses of worship couldn’t.

Pastor Micheal discusses how he not only protected his flock but defended American freedoms by standing strong against New York’s unconstitutional law.

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Imagine a pastor being criminally charged for opening his church doors to those in need.

As outrageous as that might sound, it’s exactly what’s happening to Pastor Chris Avell from Ohio.

We’re standing up for Pastor Chris and suing the city so he can continue to minister to the most vulnerable in his community.

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This week on First Liberty Live! we’re talking about why this Washington D.C. metro bus ad was rejected for being “too Christian.”

The organization behind the ad, WallBuilders, seeks to educate people about America’s forgotten history and heroes. The ad this organization created shows our founding father George Washington with the question “Christian?” written across the front. Because of this, it was canceled.

First Liberty’s Jeremy Dys shares the details about Washington D.C.’s outrageous censorship. He explains how this is a seemingly blatant violation of free speech and what we’re doing to stop it.

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2024 is underway and thanks to your support we’re back to fighting for what matters most.

Right now, we are paying close attention to several of our critical fights that could shape the future of religious liberty for every American.

Learn more about these cases with this January update from our President and CEO Kelly Shackelford.

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