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Today on First Liberty Live!, our dear friend Coach Joe Kennedy joins us to fill us in on how life after coaching is treating him. You’ll hear him share stories from his new book Average Joe.

From his time in the Marines through his journey to find the path that God created for him, Joe shares candidly about what he learned about faith along the way.

You won’t want to miss this timely update from the coach that took a stand for faith by taking a knee in prayer.


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After the Biden Administration illegally instituted a rule that requires the VA to perform abortions, Nurse Practitioner Stephanie Carter sought a religious accommodation.

And when the VA informed Stephanie twice that there was not an accommodation process, Stephanie took a courageous stand for faith.

Today on First Liberty Live!, FLI Senior Counsel Danielle Runyan shares the story of how this one woman’s stand for faith forced the VA to create a nationwide accommodation process for all its practitioners with religious objections to performing abortions and abortion-related services.

You won’t want to miss this David vs. Goliath story as we truly see how God used Stephanie’s faith to provide relief for all religious employees at the VA.


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On this episode of First Liberty Live!, we’re introducing you to our Practice Group Leaders – Stephanie Taub, Mike Berry, Justin Butterfield, Lea Patterson and Jeremy Dys.

First Liberty’s mission is to defend religious liberty for all Americans, and with your help, we do that through what we call our Practice Groups.

Our practice groups are defined by the 5 areas we fight for faith which are the Marketplace, the Military, Education, the Public Arena, and Religious Institutions.

You won’t want to miss this episode as each of our leads take turns delivering messages about their specific practice areas and share the thanks they feel your for your faithful support.


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This year, we’re celebrating 30 years of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Chuck Schumer and Ted Kennedy sponsored the bill and President Bill Clinton signed it into law.

And today at First Liberty, we love the protections that RFRA is still providing for people of faith.

For RFRA’s anniversary, Kelly Shackelford joins us on this week’s Live! to talk about the impact of this law on religious freedom.

Kelly will share how this significant piece of legislation became law, discuss historic rulings that have come from it and update you on how RFRA continues to protect religious freedom today.


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Saturday November 11th is Veterans Day. In honor of their sacrifices, we at First Liberty wish to thank all veterans and current service members for their service and to encourage all Americans to live lives worthy of their many sacrifices.

Today, we’re hosting a very special episode of First Liberty Live! with our very own veteran and Marine Reservist Mike Berry.

In his civilian capacity, Mike shares his perspective on how the military’s hostility towards faith is negatively impacting its ability to recruit and retain service members.

And as bonus, Mike will give us some timely case updates on The Navy SEALs, VA Nurse Stephanie Carter and Space Force Reservist Jace Yarbrough.

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This week on First Liberty Live! you’ll get to hear from Tonya Prewett, one of the organizers for a college campus revival ministry called Unite Auburn.

This night of worship for college students at Auburn University brought thousands of students together. Some even got baptized at the event. But, it caused a negative outcry after football coach Hugh Freeze assisted in the baptism of one of his players during the revival event.

First Liberty Live! host Stuart Shepard asks Tonya about the event and how other colleges are trying to exercise their religious liberty by organizing similar revivals. You won’t want to miss this episode!

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This week on First Liberty Live! we’re talking about how we’re defending religious education in California.

The state is blocking families from using state homeschool funds because these families choose to use a faith-based curriculum.

That’s wrong. It’s also unconstitutional. 

First Liberty’s Justin Butterfield joins us to explain how our Supreme Court victory in Carson v Makin impacts this fight. He’ll unpack how the government can’t exclude families in state funding programs when it comes to religious education.

Get the latest update on our federal lawsuit to stop California’s blatant discrimination. You don’t want to miss it!

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This week on First Liberty Live! you’ll get to know our client Jace Yarbrough. This patriot’s military career as a reservist in the United States Space Force is on the verge of ruin. He’s being punished for something he said as a civilian at a small private retirement ceremony that he presided over for a close friend in his off-duty capacity.

Motivated by his religious beliefs, Jace quoted prominent Christian Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn, widely known for his powerful essay titled, “Live Not by Lies.” Jace’s speech warned about dishonesty and a growing cancel culture in our country, including in the military.

First Liberty’s Danielle Runyan joins us to unpack this case. Don’t miss hearing about Jace’s story and what we’re doing to stop censorship in the Space Force.

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With school back in full swing, students, teachers and parents are hard at work – but so are the enemies of faith.

On this week’s Live!, we sit down with our new client, Heather Rooks, who was sent a cease-and-desist letter after quoting Bible verses at a Peoria School Board meeting.

Heather shares what happened and why she brings faith into her role as a school board member. We’re also joined by First Liberty’s Hiram Sasser, who will unpack the case and explain why all public employees have a right to express their beliefs.

You won’t want to miss this new case update!

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This week on First Liberty Live! we’re talking about how we’re standing with Auburn’s football coach Hugh Freeze.

Anti-religion activists are coming hard after Coach Freeze. Why? Because he went to “Unite Auburn,” an after-hours worship event.

They’re upset because he participated in one of his player’s baptisms. To be clear, the student asked Coach Freeze if he would help baptize him.

In this episode, you’ll get a complete update from First Liberty’s Jeremy Dys and hear how our precedent-setting Supreme Court victory for Joe Kennedy protects Coach Freeze.

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This week, the First Liberty Live! team is checking in from Family Research Council’s Pray, Vote, Stand conference in our nation’s capital.

During the conference, First Liberty’s Matt Krause stopped by to discuss the next steps you can take to help Restore Faith in America. This growing movement of hope is the means to expand your religious liberty throughout your community in ways it hasn’t been allowed in the last 50 years.

We also received a surprise visit from Jacob Kersey. Jacob, the Georgia police officer who was forced to resign after he was told he couldn’t share religious beliefs on his social media account, joined to us to provide an update on how he’s advocating for our First Freedom from Washington, D.C.

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We’re visiting a historic black church in Texas that is facing backlash from city officials who are blocking the church from renovating their building.

First Liberty attorney Jeremy Dys joins us to unpack this case and explain how our First Amendment protects the right of this congregation to operate free from government interference.

Plus, you won’t want to miss our touching interview with church leadership Dr. Donald and Mrs. Wanda Wesson.

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