Mar 06, 2024
Parents Win Against Woke School

We have been fighting for several devout Muslim families who fled from war-torn Somalia to America.

Among the most significant reasons why they sought refuge in the United States were religious freedom and educational opportunities for their children.

But when these parents asked to opt their elementary school children out of LGBTQ books in English class, they were met with hostility.

The school district claimed that its curriculum sought “to be inclusive and reflect the diversity” of their students. But apparently its version of “diversity and inclusion” didn’t apply to religious parents.

Thankfully, these parents took a stand against this religious discrimination and won! They are now free to opt their children OUT of this woke content that goes against their religious beliefs.

Hodan Hassan, one of the brave moms, joins First Liberty Live! to discuss the fight with the school district and how the families took back their First Amendment rights.

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