Dec 07, 2020
Religion Under Attack AGAIN in Kentucky

Back in May, First Liberty protected people of faith in Kentucky from Governor Andy Beshear’s unlawful order which prohibited religious gatherings under the threat of criminal penalty.

But apparently, Governor Beshear still hasn’t gotten the memo. His latest target? Religious schools.

His most recent order bans all in-person instruction at public and private schools—while allowing other activities with comparable health risks such as theaters, weddings, bowling alleys, and offices, to remain in-person with restrictions. And despite being a clear double-standard, the order was just upheld by a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

First Liberty refuses to let this violation of religious liberty stand—that’s why we’re filing with Justice Kavanaugh at the U.S. Supreme Court to have this outrageous mandate overturned.

But we can only stay on the frontlines with your support. Click here to join the fight with us today!

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