Nov 12, 2020
Ep. 3 Pt. 3 Kids Can Gather But No Teaching Allowed?

When St. Abrahams Classical Christian Academy wanted to reopen and was told that their teachers couldn’t ‘instruct’ the students, First Liberty stepped in to stop this outrageous government overreach.

Thankfully, due to First Liberty’s swift action, the Academy was able to reopen – just in time for school to begin.

In our third episode of Canceled in California, host Stuart Shepard talks with the headmaster of St. Abrahams to relive the experience of reopening safely and legally during a pandemic—accomplishing what government officials initially deemed an impossible task.

Learn more about our efforts on behalf of St. Abrahams:

Part 1: Wildfires, Quakes & Lockdowns – Oh My!

Part 2: LA Targets High Holy Days

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