Nov 11, 2020
Ep. 4 Pt. 4 Mt Soledad: Here Today, Tomorrow, and in Perpetuity

Mt. Soledad stands as a reminder for all who gaze upon it that it is protected and here to stay.

In this episode of Canceled in California, Stuart Shepard discusses the memorial cross with Bruce Bailey, the President of the Memorial when First Liberty represented the cross.

First Liberty stepped in when the cross was under threat of destruction due to being on government land and helped to initiate a peaceful transfer of the land. Thankfully, the cross is now safe, and will be for generations.

Watch the rest of the episode:

Part 1: These Veterans Never Gave Up – Protecting Mt. Soledad

Part 2: Faces Looking Back At You: Remembering our Veterans

Part 3: A Beacon of Freedom: The Names, Faces and Stories of Mt Soledad

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