Nov 11, 2020
Ep. 4 Pt. 3 The Names, Faces & Stories of Mt Soledad

Mt. Soledad is home to one of the only memorials in North America to feature both past and present veterans and one that shows their faces and stories of how they served our country.

With over 5,000 memorial plaques, Mt. Soledad is a beacon of freedom to all who come and visit.

Host of First Liberty Live! Stuart Shepard talks with Neil O’Connell, President of the Veteran’s Memorial Association, about how this veteran’s memorial is so important to the surrounding area and why it is essential that we protect memorials like it.

Watch the rest of the episode:

Part 1: These Veterans Never Gave Up – Protecting Mt. Soledad

Part 2: Faces Looking Back At You: Remembering our Veterans

Part 4: Mt Soledad: Here Today, Tomorrow, and in Perpetuity

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