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November 24, 2020
Ep. 4 Pt. 1 These Veterans Never Gave Up – Protecting Mt. Soledad
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Our veterans never surrendered when it looked like an important veteran’s memorial was going to be torn down. They stood up and fought for what was right – protecting the Mt. Soledad memorial for generations to come.

In the latest episode of First Liberty Live, Stuart Shepard visits the Mt. Soledad cross, a monument representing many veterans overlooking South California, and a key First Liberty victory.

Executive General Counsel of First Liberty, Hiram Sasser joins Stuart to break down the importance of protecting our veterans memorials and why the protection of this cross laid the foundation for our Supreme Court victory a few years later.

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Part 3: A Beacon of Freedom: The Names, Faces and Stories of Mt Soledad

Part 4: Mt Soledad: Here Today, Tomorrow, and in Perpetuity

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