Jan 25, 2021
Coach Joe Kennedy Oral Argument Special: PART 1

Get all the details on Coach Joe Kennedy’s big rematch at the Ninth Circuit in the first episode of our 3-part Coach Joe Kennedy Oral Argument Special—broadcast LIVE from our new in-house studio.

How exactly did Coach Kennedy get to this point—still fighting for his rights over 5 years after his 15-second prayer got him fired by the school he faithfully served? What did the Supreme Court have to say about his case? And what exactly is happening next? FLI Executive General Counsel Hiram Sasser joins First Liberty Live! Host Stuart Shepard to bring you up to speed.

Hiram also provides a preview of what to expect from Coach’s rematch with the Ninth Circuit on January 25th, and explains why this case could be the one to set a new precedent that will protect religious liberty for generations.

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